Why school shootings: Not enough God, not enough guns

We have spent the last 60 years telling God to get lost from our public schools. It should come as no surprise that He’s not around when we need Him.

I know a man who was living in a neighborhood when a salesman came door to door selling home security systems. He told the salesman he already had one. “What’s your security system?” he asked. The man replied, “God and a loaded gun.”

It wasn’t a matter of either/or but both/and. I suggest we have mass school shootings because we don’t have enough God on our campuses and we don’t have enough guns.

When tragic school shootings happen, like the one in Florida, everyone sends their “thoughts and prayers” to the families of the victims. But why don’t we pray before these shootings happen instead of waiting until somebody’s dead? Everyone understands that prayer in school is appropriate in the wake of a tragedy like this. But if it’s appropriate after, there’s no reason it’s not appropriate before.

Everyone understands that prayer in school is appropriate in the wake of a tragedy like this. But if it’s appropriate after, there’s no reason it’s not appropriate before.



Contrary to what the ACLU, the Freedom From Religion Foundation and activist judges believe, there is absolutely NO constitutional prohibition against prayer in schools. Schools routinely incorporated prayer into their school days from the Founding until 1963, when activist judges mangled the Constitution and mysteriously materialized a prohibition out of the judicial ether, a prohibition that had remained completely undetected since 1791 when the Bill of Rights was first enacted.

The First Amendment only restricts the federal government: “CONGRESS shall make no law…” The First Amendment was never intended by the Founders to serve as a restraint on states or schools. In fact, the federal government is prohibited by the Founders’ Constitution from messing with prayer at all. The central government and all three of its branches – including the judiciary – is flatly forbidden from “prohibiting the free exercise” of religion in any way. So if a federal court – even the Supreme one – bans religious exercise in public schools, it is prohibiting something the Constitution protects, which means it is the COURT which is violating the Constitution, and not the schools.

In fact, properly speaking, it is impossible for a school, or an administrator, or a teacher, or a student to violate the First Amendment by offering public prayer on campus, for the simple reason that it was not written to restrain them. The Founders intended to leave all matters of religious regulation in the hands of the states.

As Joseph Story, appointed to the Supreme Court by the Father of the Constitution, James Madison, wrote (emphasis mine):

“Thus, the whole power over the subject of religion is left exclusively to the state governments, to be acted upon according to their own sense of justice, and the state constitutions.”


Bottom line, according to the Founders’ Constitution, if a state wants to allow prayer in schools, it is absolutely free to do so. It is time for state governments to start reclaiming that constitutional right whether a federal court likes it or not since federal courts have no jurisdiction in the matter.

We have spent the last 60 years telling God to get lost from our public schools. It should come as no surprise that He’s not around when we need Him.

It’s instructive to compare the number of school shootings prior to 1963 when prayer was permitted in schools and the number after when it wasn’t. According to Wikipedia, the number of school shootings by decade from 1900 until 1970 looks like this: 15, 19, 10, 9, 8, 17 (in the 1960s).

The increase by decade after prayer was removed from schools is almost geometric: 30 (in the 1970s), 39, 62, 60, and 145 (from 2010 to 2018, with the number growing virtually by the month).

The number of deaths from school shootings follows a similarly grisly progression. In the six decades prior to the removal of prayer from schools (1900-1960), there were 62 deaths from school shootings, an average of just over 10 per year. In the six decades since (1960-2017), the number has ratcheted up astronomically to 419 (from 28 in the 1960s to 124 so far in this decade), an average of just under 70 per year.

It has always been a matter of obvious and demonstrable fact that the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Perhaps the greatest tragedy of all in these school shootings is that when a shooter comes on campus, there is rarely anyone – a teacher or an administrator – who is armed and able to stop him.


Armed school resource officers are simply not enough. There were two of them present on the Florida campus, but the shooter easily evaded them. Who knows how many adults were in a position to stop the shooter but, unarmed, couldn’t do anything but throw their own bodies over students to protect them, as one of the football coaches heroically did in Parkland.

The 2nd Amendment quite conspicuously protects the “right of the PEOPLE” (not just the military or law enforcement) “to keep and bear arms.” It’s there for self-defense, and for the protection of vulnerable people who look to us for protection – our families and our students.

Eighteen states now allow concealed carry on their college campuses or in cars in their parking lots, and an organization called Faculty/Administrator Safety Training and Emergency Response (FASTER) is now training teachers and administrators how to carry safely on high school campuses. According to FASTER, there are a total of 23,000 schools – nearly a third of all public schools – who have armed security on staff. May their tribe rapidly increase.

I remember hearing a story about a guy who was sitting on the roof of his house as the flood waters rose. A neighbor in a motorboat came by and asked him if wanted a ride. He said, “No, I’m trusting in God to save me.” Then a Coast Guard helicopter came by and asked if he wanted them to carry him to safety. “No,” he said, “I’m trusting in God to save me.” Shortly after that, a police boat came by and asked him if he wanted to jump in. He said, “No, I’m trusting in God to save me.”

Well, about that time the flood waters reached the roof and he drowned. When he reached heaven, he complained to God: “I trusted you to save me and you didn’t do it.” God’s reply: “What do you mean I didn’t save you? I sent you two boats and a helicopter.”

We can’t very well blame God for not coming to our aid if we fail to use the tools (prayer and the Second Amendment) He has graciously given to us.

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193 thoughts on “Why school shootings: Not enough God, not enough guns

      1. I can Agree with your statements. I am a Christian who carries on occasion and am an avid hunter and my prayers are not limited. I have found that any time is a good time for prayer, whether it be a cry for help. thanks, or just a pure pleasure to talk to God. Let’s not get God mixed up in a need for discipline at home. If respect is not taught at homes befitting society, and a modicum amount of punishment doled out for not meeting proper respect for others, then a child is most probably going to be a problem to society. In most cases of the recent violence at the schools, poor judgement, lack of discipline and parental intervention was totally absent. I can see a lack of or poor to no parenting in every recent school incident. They (the shooters) have had total freedom of access to weapons, computers, money for purchasing hundreds of dollars for the purchase of weapons and ammo. Please tell me why a child (unstable or not) should have access to all of these things without total parental control. If we can’t get the parents involved, let’s keep God and gun rights out of it.

        1. Merlin, thank you for a very rational statement. Disciple, even the concept of civilization, starts in the home, and faith is an essential part of it. With so many broken homes today we’re reaping the whirlwind.

          1. The country has abandoned God, kicked Him Out. He said he abhored homosexuality but we have legalized it in all its weird forms. He said Thou shall not kill (Jesus said ‘murder’) but we have legalized killing of millions of innocent babies and even funded it with taxpayer money.
            God destroyed Israel, turned their country from a land of milk and honey into a desert. He may already be doing that to the USA.
            Rev. 2:20 indicates that God holds us responsible for what we allow and the people, especially Churches and Christian people have done nothing to stop the 60+ millions of innocent babies.
            I fear the Sword of God’s Judgement in hanging over the heads of the american people.

          2. When two single mothers were talking at work, one asked about the problems she was having with her son. The other described what was going on. She said, “Honey, you can raise your daughter, BUT the “Streets” will raise your boy!”. With 70% of black children being born to “Single Mothers”, is it any wonder why we have gangs? Mother has to work, so kids are left home alone, or with an older sitter or relative. One woman said her girls found out their cordless phone would work outside of the house a good distance. She thought they were at home when they answered. Wrong! Neighbor “Had sex” with her 14 year old daughter! She was too afraid to report it. Ya know, “Snitches lie in ditches”. What a way to live! We have college students that can’t write or do math! Teen age boys that have never used any tools, or know how to fix anything. And then politicians can’t figure out why they can’t find a job?


          1. So true. God doesn’t “let” anything happen. He gave mankind free agency to determine our own path, it’s up to us what we do with it.

        3. I agree 100 percent you know the Bible say that if a country would turn from it’s wicked ways that he would heal their land . separation from church and state means that the government can tell you how and what kind of religion and when you can worship it is everyones god given right to pray when they want and where evey they what ,thank you merlin for the truth may God bless you

        4. Without God the parents will never get involved. The parents need to have God and understanding in God’s word to know how to raise and discipline their young. You can’t leave God or gun rights out any more than you can leave parenting out of it. Seems to me you might just be one of those who would leave God out of the equation of life believing that you can control all without Him.

        5. you are 100 % right i’m 82 when i went to school we were taught to handle guns in the basement of the school. If we got in a fight we were allowed to duke it out and became friends as a result or we put on the gloves in gym class; to simple this day and age it’s sit down and be quite or get expelled That’s really teaching the kids if i don’t like school cause a disturbance and i can head for the streets and do as i like. Parents need to stop spoiling their Children this includes Grand parents also. When i returned from Korea i counseled boys on a ranch sent there by Judges who knew what Kids needed and i can tell you to this day those boy think i’m a great guy because i taught them right from wrong and several became Business men I’m Proud of each one of them…

        6. Well worded and very accurate article. Thank you for your input, and spred you word to those who will listen. You are not alone.

      1. Listen, political correctness has destroyed our way of life.The normal family structure is taken a beating.Women are emasculated and acting like men..Prayer in school may help.But you have extremes in every group.

    1. Obvious to clear thinking folks.
      But the media coverage of these events, just educates the next offender on how to do the crime.
      Emotion then takes over the masses and all clear thought is challenged.


      1. I often wonder why the majority opinions are not considered but a few who voice their opinions in a way that cause government to change laws and disavow the Constitution. WHY?

      1. First off , You can’t sell a Gun to a crazy person Yrs. ago they would put the crazies in a State run Nut House, Which is not the case anymore,But everyone would be ashamed to call it that today, everyone wants to hide behind all the BS and make believe it never Happened, make believe it ain’t so. but anyone who shoots 8 or 10 people for no reason has got to be crazy, and needs to be locked away before it happens. Bad part most of these crazies come from affluent neighborhoods and no one wants to ruffle any feathers, it’s all hush hush cover up, until it’s to late. You can’t eat your cake and have it too

    2. They, the elites fear that we will eventually ALL know what they have done to us. Because when we ALL know, they will be justifiably GUILTY, by majority acclimation and hopefully obtain JUSTICE. That is why they try to overturn JUSTICE, through the courts. They are so blinded that think the courts can saver them.

    3. In Luke 22: 36-38, Jesus is also aware of fulfilling prophecy and makes a surprising statement that two swords are enough. He said to them, “But now if you have a purse, take it and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one”
      Today Jesus would have said: if you don’t have a gun, buy one. Sell something to buy it. Since they didn’t have guns during Jesus’ time but only swords it seems everyone should have at least one sword.

    4. Absolutely correct…I think when GOD was kicked out of schools is when we started having problems in our schools. It is a shame that we Americans allowed one atheist to stand up and have God kicked out of our schools.
      So, if God isn’t allowed in our schools, he can’t take care of our precious children. I do not need to tell you who is to blame, because anyone with any brains at all knows. God Bless our children and God Bless America!

    5. Satan, shadow government,liberals,Democrats,,murder of babies,gender blenders,Sodom,Gamorrah,,and on and on.One world government and religion.Gods word is coming to pass.Get your salvation on,and pray.Jesus is coming!

      1. Airline hi-jacking ? Funny that we haven’t heard about any since the Air Marshal program began.
        People with the highest exposure hire “Body Guards”. With this system, posting that a school is protected may be enough. Look at the effectiveness of “ Gun free” signs that make occupants vulnerable.

    6. I agree with this article, also. I can remember going to religion classes early in the morning before academic classes started. I also remember the time when religion classes were taken out of the schools and been witness to the lack of respect for one another and the rule of law as our society has declined in those simple but important values. That is what religion brings to the table, along with many other important values, more than any other organization. These other liberal organizations like the ACLU, and there are many others, are the contributors to the advancing decay of those values and of our society.
      I just recently read on the internet a man who had a mental problem ran his car through a place where he brought his family to eat breakfast, killing three people with two of them being family members. Do the gun grabbers now advocate for the banning of automobiles. Yes, It is now time to recognize that we need to bring god back into our lives and for there to be more guns not fewer guns for the protection of innocents.

    7. God, Guns, Discipline, and Lack of Respect among kids for each other is the reason kids do this!
      If we could end Bullying in the schools the Shootings would drop 95%!
      As along as the Bullying continues; it is hard to have sympathy for those who did the Buying; and got killed because of it!

    8. I agree. Isn’t it interest that when the shooting started they were all praying to God to save them when God is not allowed in their school. Ernie Pyle was right there are not atheists in foxholes.

    9. Administering Ritalin and other psychotropic drugs to young lads in order for feminist teachers to control them and stop their normal development is the major reason for the outbreak of school violence. I have studied this trend to apply DSM labels to the young, mostly boys is dishonest and antithetical to growth and natural development of young men in Elementary and High Schools. Teachers, Social Workers, School Nurses, and Administrators are not qualified to make such decisions and they have clearly overstepped their professional boundaries. They are not credentialed and licensed psychologists or psychiatrists. This trend must be stopped. School personnel are responsible for destroying at least 3 gens of young men!

    10. Read (1)Genesis 4:7-10. (2) 2d Chronicles 7:14. (3) Psalms144.1. (4) Ecclesiastes 3:1-8.. (5)Matthew 15:19. (6)Luke 22:35-38. (7) Romans 1:28-32. Long BEFORE guns were invented the first recorded crime was MURDER(1).. As a NATION we lack a MORAL COMPASS (2).. David od DAVID &GOLIATH fame was thankful that GOD taught him HOW to fight & WHEN to (3&4). (5)Jesus taught that EVIL comes from our hearts

    11. I also agree, because the people in this country, have put GOD out of everything, so HE is not going to protect it, & by taking the guns away, we can’t even protect our own lives. I also love the LORD JESUS CHRIST & try to put HIM before anything. GOD BLESS!

    12. the anti God people ( the far left) have destroyed our country and taken God out of our every day life. Find God and save our country and our every day life.

    13. “GOD” is not dead. Lets get him in the thoughts and hearts of our young people and the problem “WILL” go away!!!!!

    14. Absolutely right. Until the hearts are right, the lives won’t be. We don’t need more anti-gun laws, we just need a heart change.

    15. Very true; The issue is a mental health issue, they have nothing to believe in, so they act without conscience or thought of the consequences of their actions.
      Bullying is probably a large factor as well.
      BOTTOM LINE fight fire with fire, ask God for guidance.

    16. Someone finally figured this out and some what later with everything that has happened and still continues to happen.
      This will continue as long there are parents who are not doing their job as parent. And those who want want to dis- arm Americans. Like they did in Russia in the early 1900s.

    17. I certainly agree with this post. When these POS politicians took our God out of the schools & court rooms, & told parents they couldn’t correctly punish, (spank) their children, those children now have nothing to fear for punishment. It seems a shame to have to have armed teachers in our class rooms….. But if it works for Israel, it should work in America !!!!! Train any/all of our teachers that WANT to carry a gun…!!!!!!!!!!

    18. Religion has played roll in inffusimg morality into the young and old. The lack of direction on the issues of morality has lead to a break down in society and the removal of it from schools has placed leadership ton parents.The parents to a large degree also lack a moral base so I am all for schools taking the leadership roll. Guns for protection , hunting and pleasure shooting are not a danger if used by morale people. Gun control ia nonsense.

    19. It all began when they took prayer and Bible reading out of our schools. Got away with that so went on to trying to remove anything about Christ from society ex: Christmas : instead we have happy holidays. Political correctness ty,garbage. In doing that, they have removed morals from not only schools but pretty much from society. Hollywood is in it. Taking good programs off TV, grizzle Adams and Little house to up grade and update TV, replacing them with the trash we have today. Alot of it promoting the (call it what it is) queer lifestyle, and mixing of the races. How terrible sad. Biggest reason I don’t watch much tv anymore.

    20. I agree but it is deeper then that. The Ten Commandments have been removed as well as prayer. I used to see, in my grade school main lobby in bronze, “the Ten Commandments”. Gods Law was present. Preaching evolutionism without a shred of evidence. Single parent families (usually just the mother) with no discipline whatsoever. Time outs do not count as discipline. Too much violence in the movies and cartoons and all these first person shooter games. Poor diet and exercise means the kid is always wound up and with no positive outlet (usually provided by the father) means the kid is labeled with ADD and given Ritolin. So the kid grows up without a dad (the father is a type of God in a young boys life), without God, without law, taught that he is a glorified monkey, shown movies that glorify death, actually pulls the virtual trigger in video games, is pumped full of mind altering drugs, lives in a country that condones murder at the rate of 30 million babies a year and is told that there is no absolutes. And we are surprised when Johnny gets his hands on a fire arm and acts out his reality.

    21. Finely somebody is thinking right . its about time. Now if we can get people to open up and. hear what’s being sead. Many things will change . I hope…

    22. Great article and I completely agree that we need to arm teachers who are willing to be properly trained. As I’ve said many times before, “It’s not a gun problem, it’s a people problem.”

    23. I agree 100%. I also believe the lack of family values and the obsession with Social media plays a HUGE factor in how our children last and react. It all began to deteriorate with separation of church and state. There are Documentaries out that address this issue. Pretty amazing to see the landslide of values, increased abortions increased pregnancies increased dropouts, increase in rapes and other crimes since the church and state has been separated.

    24. You are spot on. When the anti-Semitic an progressives got control of our so called supreme.court, we lost.
      Backed up by the ‘alphabet soup’ networks, we are still losing our rights and the America we love.
      God Bless America and we deplorables.
      Stop the progressives and the welfare state that they want.

  1. Hello
    Everything in your article is absolute truth, Guns are not the problem, Our society has a major sin problem. If guns are not used people will use other means to kill. The 2nd amendment was put in place to keep government from becoming to big and powerful and most importantly to keep them from taking over our personal lives, government works for the people not people for the government, somewhere along the way the American people have forgotten that and yes you take God and prayer out of our school and darkness comes in.

    1. Technology and video games most kids don’t talk just text internet is a big part thay don’t know what reallaty is you can not push the reset button thay don’t realize until it’s too late the Texas shooter looked up it on the internet like most of the shooters

  2. I agree with the article and the problem lies with the ALCU suing on behalf of the atheists to get prayer out of schools.

    1. The ACLU; has been a constant pain the butt to America! It is,an Organization that tears down CivilL Liberities in this Nation and expects things to change for the Worst, forcing
      Political Correctness on our Society where it is not needed, and failure to uphold the Constitution that made this
      What it once was; a Proud and vibrant Nation reduced to mercy of those who would destroy her!

  3. When we threw God under the bus everything went to hell. We wonder why why God allows all this to happen and the answer is we demanded that he be gone and now he is. That is until we invite him back into our schools and teach children right from wrong and how to respect other as we want to be respected.

    1. Absolutely agree!! We need to bring God back in so we can be a blessed nation again. For our children, for our future!

  4. I agree, because people no longer seek God or believe IN HIM, society has lost compassion and empathy for their fellow human being.

  5. The States are not allowed to pass laws more restrictive on individual liberty than the US Constitution. The US Constitution is the Supreme law of the land. Otherwise, I agree 100% with your article.

    1. Prayer in the schools is not contrary to the Constitution as was pointed out in the article. And if you look around today, states are passing laws much more restrictive than federal laws every day. Look at what is happening with gun rights. States are restricting the ownership of “long guns” to those 21 or older when federal law states 18 or older. Look at Commiefornia, New Forkyou, Commienecticut, etc. They have all passed gun laws more restrictive than federal law. In other cases they are passing laws more open than federal law – immigration and immigrant rights. If what you stated was true, Concealed carry across state lines into every state in the union would be possible, Marijuana would be illegal in every state of the union, among others. The states have the power to do what they need to do. They just need to do it.

  6. I agree with this article. I remember belonging to the shooting club in JR High School. A lot has changed.

  7. I totally agree. We had a tornado hit a near by school a couple year ago.. I was asked why my God let this happen.. I told them that you don’t let God in, or around schools anymore..

    1. what do you say to the victims of all those church shootings, or the members of churches whose houses or church get destroyed by tornadoes, hurricanes, natural disasters, etc.?

  8. Any nation that turns it’s back on God is a foolish nation. Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord!

  9. Amen I agree 100 percent this article needs to be sent to every governor in every state.

  10. Withdrawal of God from schools and a society of permissivness with no consequences for your actions had stored society

  11. Absolutely! We hold both of these extremely high in our family! My entire Family!
    Truth be told if parents would pull video games, out of there homes ,sit down at dinner time with your kids and talk about the days event’s! You would be extremely surprised what is going on in your childs day to day activities!
    Im sorry but a parent should know there kidss and if they dont ,maybe they should be schooled i know when i get to heaven and he asked me why my children dont know of him ,or his ways that ill be going to hell for sure!
    Just something to think about!

  12. If it is not the Primary cause it definitely is a Secondary cause. As a society, we have removed ourselves from God by ignoring the purpose of the Sabbath Day and making it just another day of the week in which we pursue our normal everyday pursuits or leisure. We have relegated parents to be friends of their children instead of teachers and disciplinarians. We have replaced “Right and Wrong” with “What ever feels good for you.” And then we wonder why our values and morals have changed and there is no respect in the world for life or anything but “What I want.” When I was growing up, guns were on campus everyday that a hunting season was open, and since rabbit season was year round, that meant almost everyday. People did not break into the cars to take them, even though they probably were not locked, and nobody thought of using them on their teachers or schoolmates. If we want to curb the gun violence, we need to return to the values and morals of the pre-60s and do away with the “feel good” and “entitlement” attitude that permeates every part of life these days. Until then, things can only continue to go in the direction that they are presently headed – a death spiral downward.

  13. Look at Who wants to take away our 2nd amendment rights and also Who wants t take GOD out of everything we say and do! They are the SWAMP DWELLERS that are so entrenched in our government and want all of us to just shut up and take it. Term Limits is the Answer!!! Politics was never meant to be a profession.

    1. Term limits is something President Trump should pursue with all his might. If a president can only serve two 4 year terms, then any other office should also be limited to the same length of time. I asked a senator one time why not limit terms? His response was it takes a long time for legislators to learn the ropes. If a person in congress can’t learn the ropes in 8 years, then I consider him or her not worthy of the office!

  14. A mentally disturbed child gives out warning signs and it up to the parents to ecnoleage the fact that there child has a mental disorder.and should do something about before there is more senseless killing ..


  16. I agree that we can’t blame God for not coming to our aid when we only find it appropriate to pray after the fact, that in itself is wrong, 100% wrong, and its about time EVERYONE see’s this failing of their anti-God rhetoric/ways.

    Its time long over due time to have faith without being ashamed of it before, during, and after.

    This anti-God PC agenda to conform to the liberal anti-God shameful ways has failed our children, our schools, our society, our people and our country.

  17. This is a good article but needs to go one small step ahead. Even kids raised in a church environment are not always taught that their is a retribution for their actions. There is a hell, just because they commit suicide doesn’t mean they are free and clear of the crime. Their is a punishment and it is forever. Growing up that was always in the back of our minds and stayed our hands from many things more that just taking a life. Secondly we always knew someone was watching what we did. We were not turnkey children and left to our own devices after school. If you did bad then that information arrived at your house long before you did. Now people do not want to take action. It is not just the children but also the adults who have quit their responsibilities.

  18. Thou shalt not kill, words from the God we have run out of our education process. time to re educate our children.

  19. I believe in an eye for a eye. Why are these fools still alive they should have been killed on the spot. Maybe it would put to many legal people out of work. Maybe its time for God to come and you know what.

    1. That was a great law for the Israelites in the Old Testament, but Christ did away with that law when he told Peter to forgive “seventy times seven.” An “eye for an eye” was removed from the law when Christ prayed “Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors.” Yes, people have to be held accountable for their actions, but with compassion and mercy as Christ holds us accountable.

  20. It is true but only a part of the problem. Family is a big part of the answer. Our government is anti-family. This started in the 1960’s. President Linden Johnson said he was buying elections when he passed Welfare. This also broke up many families due to better benefits if you did not marry but had kids anyway.
    Pollitical correctness has made being religous a bad thing. Famillies going to Church together is a rarity now days.

  21. schools are a easy target , there all gun free zones. think about it were can you go where theirs only one way out. classrooms only have one way out. most state,s have law’s that say you have to have 2 mean’s of egress.

    1. I would rather put “ghosts and magic into our schools” than let what is happening now continue. But I do not consider God to be “ghosts and magic.” Look around you. Every thing in this world testifies of a “Supreme Being” that governs this universe. Look at your creation – was it by happenstance that you look like you do, that you have your body parts where they are supposed to be, that they function in the way that they do? How else could a seed grow into a beautiful tree or flower, knowing before hand what it should look like and its other attributes. Is that “magic?” I do not believe so. In fact, I know it is not!

    2. I’m an atheist, as you seem to be. But I would not denigrate someone else’s religious belief, no matter how fruitless it appears to me. And if it gives folks a sense of peace, then so be it. When I was in school(graduated from HS in 1980), I recall classes saying prayers at the beginning of the day. I simply remained silent. It didn’t hurt me for everyone else to pray, so why get all upset about it…? It probably took a whole minute for the Pledge of Allegiance and the prayer(s), so pretty much in the blink of an eye…
      And even WITH me being an atheist, I still have no desire to go out and kill a bunch of people. And neither do my guns…

    3. Yes ! Finally a sane rational gun owner ! I’m an athiest and radical leftest. You know who was the original communist? Jesus Christ that’s who. And no I don’t want to take your guns and I won’t be giving up mine. If you get something good out of religion have at it but there’s no need for it in school. Especially when our schools are so far behind the rest of the developed world in science math etc. The USA is one the most religious countries in the world and we also lead in school shooting by a huge margin. Hmmmm… what do you think that means.

    4. Hahaha yes! My thoughts exactly. Lets bring a fairy tale ghost in to politics and schools and we will be so much better off…
      Reading the other comments had me laughing out loud. So many spelling errors, so much fucking stupidity its incredible.
      The abundance of guns is the problem you thick headed idiots. We have a school shooting every week, why? Because we have 10 guns to every 1 person. I am for gun ownership but MORE GUNS is the one thing we do NOT need.
      We need intelligent gun CONTROL(not taking guns away) making ownership more thorough so that people who own guns are held accountable for THEIR guns and every person in a gun owning household is fully trained in gun safety and handling. Putting god and guns in school is not going to help anything, you people are living under a conservative “Christian” rock.
      So funny to see so many judgemental bible beating morons in one place. Fuck national gun news and all you ignorant fucks, you can be a good person without a make believe man in the sky and church.

  22. Morality has been lost from our society. Putting Faith into a closet, advocating destruction of the family unit and promoting every perversion know to man is OK, but faith is forbidden. Our educational system has been corrupted by a progressive socialist agenda. It is destroying our country. Ask anyone who immigrated from a Communist country, before the collapse of the Soviet Empire and they will tell of the horrors of it. Remember a Firearm has never killed anyone of it’s own volition. Someone had to employ it weather for good or evil. America is sliding down the slope of moral corruption. It must be stopped and those responsible for the decline must be held accountable, educator or politician. Guns are not the problem, God and Faith are the answer.

  23. After serving the Army for 32 years God was in my prayers daily. Prayer should be allowed for any student who wishes to pray not the state local or federal government’s

    1. Hey guess what? They ARE ALLOWED TO PRAY THE PRAYER OF WHATEVER RELIGION THEY WANT. You have no understanding of how the separation of church and state works.
      You want the freedom of religion as long as its your religion, right?

  24. Although the facts, as you have so ably pointed out, and as I agree with are true, I’m awfully afraid that it is too late for America to make a turnaround, but it certainly won’t hurt to try. I only find it amazing to observe how many people there are, who will resist the idea because they are threatened by the thought of GOD anywhere nearby, but what is sadder still is the fact that Christians who have lost faith in this very GOD and have failed to pray on their own,( I include myself in this group) Oh God and all wise, heavenly Father, forgive us our failings and fix what is wrong in our country, NOW in JESUS’ name………..

    1. Amen, lord Jesus Christ I pray for our country and the youth in it. Please forgive the ones that have sinned because they know not what they do, please forgive me for almost letting evil people, and; lthoughts win me over in my decision making and in the healthy and sane mind you blessed me with even though you didn’t have to. You didn’t have to give any of us life but you did you didn’t have to give me a beautiful and kind loving fiancé but you did. Lord you didn’t have to give me any rights to anything but you did. Thank you so very much for the roof over my head and the clothes on my back and for the tests that you are giving me today in order for me to prove to myself and others that doubted me if I could handle the responsibility of a Car, A firearm, a house, a dog, a wife, but you did and all the while giving me the spiritual honor you bestowed on me. Yes I will and I love you so much, please take car of my GiGi, and, Pops in heaven. You spoke through them countless times so I could look back on those memories and lessons and apply them today, when my mother was sick with cancer you healed her. When I almost died because of what one female said about me, which was never true, and; she based all her facts and accusations of me on what a mixed up drunken and drugged out blacked out person said because she believes that all truth comes out when your drunk when in fact it’s the opposite, stuff like booze and benzos take away inhibition of guilt and help beat lie detector tests because your body can’t react the same as before, and back then I would have said anything to get loaded, so thank you for turning my life around

    NAME ONE GUN REGULATION that has saved one life! Out-laws do not follow the law! All of these new laws have only put a burden on law-abiding people, and done nothing to stop the ‘out-law’!
    I remember when guns were in gun racks in the school parking lot during deer season. When I was 12 years old I walked into a sports shop and bought my 1st 22 and walked out with it 10 minutes later….NO ID REQUIRED!

  26. I think the people that have a hand in that push to ban prayer from schools may very well likely have the other hand in all these school shootings as well. How many other ppl out there find it extremely suspicious that we suddenly have an epidemic of mass shootings with God & guns being demonized as the germ responsible for the infection?

  27. A remnant. It will always be a remnant. Most of America is lost. Government and leftist efforts have removed God from our country, except the remnant. I agree, it seems since we took prayer out of schools it sped up the decline of America. American Christians will be the new American Exile. If we turn our backs on God what do you expect. Look at Israel in the OT. They paid a heavy price for idols and turning their backs to God. We should not expect to see anything different. Praying after to god in general does nothing. He doesn’t hear that prayer. Repenting as a nation and asking God to forgive us and return us to a nation that seeks God first and honors Him, worships Him, then you will see a turnaround. Europe has left God behind 60 years ago. We will go their way. It will cost us. As I’ve said about killing people with guns, it’s not a NRA problem, just like abortion, teens dying while texting, it is all a people problem (sin). People who reject God won’t get that. They will blame anyone else but themselves and the conditions they created. If you don’t teach about God, respect for life – then what does matter? Self. Be prepared with an answer when you time is up. There is only one answer. God told you – read it for yourself.

  28. AMEN
    Our OWN SELFISH Interests and Individualisms have occurred because We, the US, was too busy making Money and Having Leisure Time to RAISE OUR 2.2 Ourselves. So what did WE Do ? Let the Schools and Television raise Them ! Who were the Academics that came into teaching in the late 60s and 70s ? The Folks that were DRAFT Deferred or Un Fit for DUTY. They began teaching OUR KIDS since WE were TOO BUSY WORKING! And so It Went TIL Now. OUR, the US, FAULT.

  29. I have to agree we have taken God out of our schools out of our businesses and in some cases out of our family and lives, some parents don’t care what their children watch on TV, or what video games they play. Even if they are rated not for children they buy them the games because they don’t want to upset their child, then when something happens they don’t understand what happened and they want to blame the gun makers. Never once do they put the blame where it really belongs, and where it started. I don’t see them blaming the TV networks or Video game makers or God forbid themselves for letting their child watch that TV show or play that Video game, that they bought for them even though it was not rated for there age group.
    We need to put the blame where it belongs. An we need to put God Back In Our Schools and Back in Our Lives.

  30. I saw this and I have said the same thing for years,but I think every person has the right to do what they think is best for there own kid;s,so if you want your kid;s taught god is a dirty word and it is ok for boys and girls to use the same bathroom and so on send your tax dollars to public school, but if I want to send mine to where the teacher starts class with prayer ,and pledge to flag,and has ccw to protect them then I should have the right to send mine to a private school that believes as I do.

  31. It has zero to do with God. God doesn’t stop mass shootings now does He?

    Schools are not there to teach religion. You want religion, you go to church. That’s what your church is for. Not the public school. We didn’t have religion in schools in the 70’s – didn’t have mass school shooting either. So, stop with the nonsense that it’s because the schools aren’t religious centers. That would be no better than muslim schools then.

    Now, what HAS changed since the 1970’s? Had broken homes and divorce then – that didn’t cause mass murders in schools. Didn’t have religion in schools – still no mass murders in them.. There are a couple things that have changed though. One is the advent of high speed computers with realist graphics and first person shooter games. We have kids spending hundreds to thousands of hours playing those games. They get desensitized to death. It’s not something that’s permanent to them. i wonder if anybody has ever examined some of these games to check and see if they have subliminal messages in them too that advocate going out and committing mass murder. What better way to get some kid to do so periodically? Take a look at the demographics of the killers. These kids are mostly white males from families that can give them high speed computers and games. Males play the first person shooter games far far more than females. So, it’s no surprise that the killers are generally white males.

    Second. In the 70’s we didn’t hand out psycho drugs to kids like candy. Nowadays .. Johnny is hyperactive? Give him some drugs. Johnny doesn’t make friends in school? Give him some drugs. Johnny is too quiet and reserved? give him some drugs. We have well over a million kids on psychotropic drugs.. and a whole slew of them playing first person shooter video games all the time.. what could possibly go wrong?

    1. Nobody said anything about letting schools teach religion. But why do you think the things that you brought up are happening – children on prescribed medication, shootem-up games, etc.? It is because we have taken “God” out of everyplace in society except church, and even out of some churches. Things were not always great for the first 350 years of this country, but they were a whole lot better than they have been for the close to last 50 years. But when people went to church on their Sabbath, and practiced what they were taught most of the time during the rest of the week, things were a whole lot better than what I am seeing now.

    2. I was with you 100 percent until you started with the games stuff…. Come on… Most of us grew up watching western movies, playing Cowboys and Indians, playing GI Joe… and come on… hundreds of thousands of hours on games?? Theres only 8760 hours in a year, which means to reach 100 thousand hours, you have to play all day everyday for eleven years… Think about it.. The problem is parenting and mental illness. God, if there really is one, doesn’t care if you pray in school or not..

  32. I agree with most of the above comments. But the one that I missed is GUN FREE ZONES. these people go to these because there will not be anyone who can defend themselves. Arm the teachers and allow the CCW holders to carry and this would stop some, but not all. Iseral learned this a number of years ago.

    thank you

  33. Has it occurred to anyone that Jesus once told His disciples to sell their cloak and go buy a sword? Why? We’re they planning to hunt Galilean deer for food? Judas carried enough coins to feed a dozen men for a long time.Was that worth protecting? Jesus was not concerned about anyone hurting Him.Carrying swords was a reasonable back-up plan for the disciples to protect them selves.Did Jesus believe in personal self-defense? Yes He did!

  34. All of this talk about removing my guns and the right to defend myself, my family, my Country. Whoever these people are, they must live in fear of being alive. They have lost sight of simple survival in a world that would love to take everything they have, including there lives. We need God in our schools to keep what we once had alive. If we do not go back to having God in Our Country. We are seeing a bit of what is to become of US. When I was in school we would simply take a moment to rest our heads and pray to the god of our understanding. I grew up in a mixed religion community. And no the ( Church of Satin ( selfishness)) was not allowed. Chris R Fagan

    1. Can you cite any well-supported proposal for legislation that would “remove” your guns? No, because there isn’t and never will be in this country.

  35. I agree. For too long Christians have been “turning the other cheek”. God did not allow this statement to mean we acquiesce to the evil in society. Our civil rights are God given and we must stand up for them, not with violence, but with steadfastness in our resolve to protect all from what tears down a society. God expects Christians to “turn the other cheek” when we are reviled personally for Christ’s sake, but not when we holding to truth and justice.

  36. This article is wrong on pretty much all counts. Public schools are subsidized by federal taxes, so the Separation Clause of the First Amendment absolutely does apply. There never has been any substantial effort at the federal level to apply the Separation Clause to schools that do not receive federal taxpayer funds–that *would* be unconstitutional. If you want to deny children in underfunded schools any help from the federal government because your family and your church aren’t enough to teach your children about God, then vote your conscience–in my home and my community, Christian families and churches provide plenty of religious education for those who want it.

    As far as guns in schools are concerned, teachers are not law-enforcement officers and are not trained how to respond to an active-shooter situation, much less disciplined in handling the emotions and stress involved. As a gun owner and one who has received upwards of 35 hours of personal-defense training, I *know* how difficult it is to make sure I draw my 9mm pistol only as a last resort, and how easy it is to mistakenly shoot an innocent person under stressful, confusing conditions.

    So what *can* we do? 1) Encourage teachers and students to report anyone who expresses thoughts of attacking a school (or anywhere else). 2) Make background checks for firearms purchases mandatory and more detailed. 3) Require school security personnel to have extensive training in protecting the children, teachers and staff from an active shooter.

    Note that *none* of the above changes my right to have any firearm that currently is legal in most states, or to buy ammunition for said firearms. I regularly participate in rifle and handgun target-shooting events, and I want to continue to be able to do so, with the guns of my choice. I have no fear that universal mandatory background checks would prevent me from doing anything that I currently do…but I certainly would be afraid of having my neighbors’ kids spending the day around armed teachers. Likewise, it seems to me that any benefit of allowing prayer in schools would be far outweighed by the consequences of losing federal funding for less affluent districts than my own, and my Christian friends and I have plenty of resources in the community (church and home) to teach Christian values to the children.

    1. This comment is exactly what is wrong in our country. There is no such thing as separation of church and state – that was a comment taken out of context many years ago.
      Trained Ametocans are fully capable of taking care of themselves. If your comment was true there would be no police brutality as they are trained enforcers.
      Morality has been destroyed in this country and discipline was thrown out with the bath water.
      Where are the paid professionals in schools – idly watching while demanding more money!
      Enough said!

    2. I defy you to show the separation clause found in the constitution. There is not one!! The following words are not found: “separation,” “church,” nor “state” in the second amendment.

    3. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

      I don’t think this needs interpretation. Unless it creates a danger (like yelling ‘FIRE’), this pretty much tells the Government to butt-out. There is no mention of a separation. They used to have prayer on the senate floor. If schools want to have prayer, fine. If they don’t, fine. If it does, it should be purely voluntary as it is not part of curriculum and the federal government should have no say in the matter either way.

      Separation of Church and State, does not appear in the Constitution, so it does not apply. (in fact, it is a misused quote from one of Jefferson’s speeches).

      “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

      I don’t think this needs interpretation either. The militia IS the people. The National Guard is a militia, yes, but not as they are referring to it. The militia, when the constitution was created, was made from citizens, and in most circumstances they were told to bring their own gun. From that point of view, the populace should have as many and whatever kind of gun they are able to acquire. Again, the federal gov’t should butt-out.

      That being said Harry H has hit the nail on the head. Training is key. I knew not to shoot someone because I knew exactly what a gun was capable of. I knew that if I killed someone they were not coming back, and I knew that I either was not coming back, or was headed to a place even worse. The mere presence of prayer will not teach children right from wrong. Most of the responsibility falls to the parents. Part does indeed fall to the government as punishment for crimes should be severe enough that nobody wants the punishment.

      I would have no problem with school staff carrying guns. In fact I think it would be a good idea, as long as I KNEW they were properly trained on when and how to use it. True, they are not law enforcement, but law enforcement cannot be everywhere all the time.

      I am a proponent of voluntary prayer in schools, as long as it is not used to disrupt class. I don’t think anyone should have ever had any say in the matter; however, my school mandated it, and that too, is wrong.

  37. This is an excellent article! I would like to add a couple thoughts:
    1. In my opinion, the children of today don’t realize what the severity of killing (death) is due the numbing of all the video games where they kill on a daily basis.
    2. The laws already exist to limit the purchase of a weapon by someone who should not own one…enforce the laws
    3. Lastly, the weapon does not kill any more than a car. However, cars are driven by a Drunk or Incapacitated people kill more and sick people with guns.

  38. Amen Brothers/Sisters! Some of you may recall this sequence: High School Seniors wore ties and the ladies dressed nicely; Ties and modest dresses were lost; Security was hired; Metal detectors were installed; Armed Security was hired; Teachers are asked to carry arms if willing; Next is?. This progression took years, and was simultaneous with increases in Divorce, Adultery, Fornication, etc……(Romans 1; Mathew 24). Root causes are the removal of GOD from Family, School and Government. Sadly, the CURE will not come until HIS second coming. John


  40. George Washington stated that aBible should be in every classroom, and since being removed in the 60s, weve been in a tailspin ever since

  41. Why is it that anyone with common sense enough to fill a thimble can see that this is totally “on the spot.” Could not have said it better myself.

  42. We have come to the point where we tolerate evil and then try to pin it in God not caring. God hasn’t gone anywhere, we are the ones who have moved. We preach hate and cave to all kinds of immoral groups and then try and figure out what went wrong. The true enemy is our sinful nature and not taking a stand for what is right and Biblical!

  43. Well it all boils down to this. Lack of DISCIPLINE at home and AT SCHOOL an ass whipping never harmed any one and taught there are consequences for bad behavior. Also people going into a total panic if a child points a finger or stick and says BANG. Putting up the SHOOTER INVITATION SIGN ON SCHOOL DOORS The sign referred to is the GUN FREE ZONE SIGN that tells the shooter he or she will be safe to do as they want due to the fact everyone is unarmed. A SIGN READING TEACHERS AND STAFF ARE TRAINED AND ARMED AND WILL USE DEADLY FORCE TO PROTECT STUDENTS WITHIN. ALSO A SIGN STATING PARENTS WITH CCW AND WEAPON WELCOME.STARTING AT HOME TEACHING RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY, AND RESPECT FOR LIFE WILL GO A LONG WAY TO PREVENTING THESE SHOOTINGS. NOW IF A PARENT PADDLES ASS FOR BAD BEHAVIOR THE PARENT GOES TO JAIL THE CHILD GOES INTO THE SYSTEM NOTHING IS ACCOMPLISHED EXCEPT TEACHING THE CHILD THEY CAN DO AS THEY WISH WITH NO CONSEQUENCES.!!

  44. Yep you hit the nail on the head! Without GOD, life has no real value. Just do whatever you want to to get some personal selfish gratification. Then when that’s gone go do something else for anouther so called high. That’s what we have let the godless liberals and politicians shove down our throats for many years now. Just read the OLD TESTAMENT and see what happened to all the people who turned from GOD! SELF DISTRUCTION!!

  45. Agree and I add this. With few exceptions concerning shootings in schools the shooters have been: teenagers, not well disciplined and members of the school. That is because they are being raised to believe they have a right to not get their feelings hurt, that what they want they should get (without earning the $ themselves) and that THEIR problems are always generated someplace else other than self and home.

  46. all persons in a relationship with children need to teach them there is consequences for wrong doing. Parents let there children go wild and blame others for the mistakes their children do. Teachers are not to do any type of punishment of any kind anymore. Prayer was taken out of school because of one woman. Where were the strong christian adults when they stood by and let this happen. One military man is the cause of military chaplains not being able to do their jobs and furnish military men religious services. People it is time we stand up for our God given rights. When I was a kid if a child did not want to pray or salute the flag they stood in the hallway with a chaperone. I am one hundred percent in favor of what you have said. It starts at home with the way kids are taught to have respect and be accountable.

  47. This is all horse shit… I’m a hard core fiscal conservative Republican, free market Capitalism loving, CCW permit holding, gun toting American that is also an Atheist. And if any of you people would look at the actual data out there, praying in schools, or anywhere else for that matter doesn’t do a thing to stop someone from going out and shooting up people.. Get over yourselves.. Look around you people.. Our society has gotten to the point that anytime a kid acts strange, they put them on some drug, or don’t do anything at all.. Parenting has become a lost art here. Half the people out there have no business having kids because you don’t spend enough time with them teaching them right from wrong and helping them develop mentally so that they have a lick of sense in their heads by the time they reach puberty.. Now quit trying to blame everything and everyone else for this crap and start make people start passing a background check before they can have kids… Yeah, start putting them, boys and girls, on the pill until they prove they can raise a damn child without going on welfare, and when they show they have enough sense to raise them … correctly.. End of the story..

  48. I don’t think it’s lack of GOD. I think it’s lack of parenting. Seems like today parents pay very little attention to what their children are doing. They don’t give good direction and training to their children.

  49. Just as the absence of light lets “darkness” take over,
    the absence of God lets “evil” have its way.

  50. The lack of God may not be the answer. Most mass shooters have no father figure in the house or in their lives. The lack of morals, family values, or values in general cause the motivation to kill. It could also be mental health problems (very likely) or the want for stardom. The way the media glorifies shooters, gives the killer what they may be aiming for. They are put on television and become infamous for their heinous act.

  51. I just read an article on Security Management Daily stating that schools are spending millions of dollars on high tech “solutions” like cameras and access systems, but kids are not really all that much safer. First, we need parents who actually connect with their kids and help them through emotionally traumatic situations. Second, we need teachers who are allowed to care about their students instead of being threatened by school district administrators if they get too involved in helping students, and finally, we need armed and trained teachers and security officers in schools in case all else fails. The Liberal “solution” of gun control against law abiding citizens, ‘Gun Free Zone’, and giving teacher mini-baseball bats and pails full of rocks are worse than moronic.

  52. Let us remember this shooting was allowed because we had an irresponsible gun owner in the texas shooting. They definitely should be held responsible. I also hold the liberal media is at fault as well. The fake news is a joke. I’m from the not so great state of illinoise and there was very little coverage of the thwarting of another school tragedy here in Dixon. Very little coverage here and little to none on the national level. Shame on them ( I mean the liberals) which we really to find a cure for liberialism, they do not look for solutions or anything in that matter. Bottom line they just to yank are rights and guns away!!! Find a cure somebody.somebody please…

  53. The problem is our country has forgotten what our country was founded on GOD and he gave us all that we have and we need him back in this country before it completely falls apart

    May GOD bless or country

  54. As we get away from religion we also are getting away from discipline and consequences for our action. We change the harsh words in classic fairy tails so as not to upset our kids, our cities don’t follow laws that mat hurt feelings. We won’t train teachers how to protect our children as it is too scary. We teach how bad being a bully is now that our kids are too fragile to handle being bullied and finally snap. The bad in the world is out there and until we teach how to deal with it, it will continue to hurt us.

  55. When God was removed from the affairs of men a void was created and Satan jumped in and mankind has been falling since then. This also caused parents to rely upon others to teach their children the responsibility and accountability that can only come from a parent. Parents should reach their children about guns and weapons and explain that they are a good tool to protect one from the evil that has taken over when the things of God should be taught.

  56. The government has taken away the rights of Americans by removing god from all government buildings, schools
    and then blame everybody else for whats wrong. Get rid of these idiots from the political positions and put god
    fearing people in charge and you will see change. I also blame the parents whom do not raise their children to
    respect people or school teachers and admin people. Need to start whipping the brats instead of sending them
    out to the streets. Maybe it is time to start locking up the parents of these individuals along with their kids

  57. Absolutely agree.
    When we allowed the government and liberals to think they knew more than God. That’s when we were in trouble. Just like the Hebrews who complained that they were better off as Egyptian slaves who thought they knew more than God, they wondered in the wilderness for 40 years until all the complainers perished.
    The government is not better than God, just look at the loss of moral standards.

  58. A Moral Compass along with or in the absence of God; The difference between right and wrong with lots of emphasis.

  59. I agree with this statement whole heartily. But still there is more to it parents, schools staff, law enforcement, other students in same school and last but least is are news reporting system are at fault also.

    The news is mostly false statements because the reporters has to put their two cents in and it is on all day for days. We need stronger laws and build a better ankle bracelet’s make person stay in their own home stay their sentience in their home with no guest coming to see them let the family pay for their up keep.

    If a parent doesn’t keep their fire arm locked and their kid gets it and breaks the law lock up the parents up also.

    If a gun dealers sell gun to under age kids lock the gun dealer up also and so on down the line.

    When I see a gun walk down the street by itself and kills someone I will think about changing some laws. All that is going on now is blaming all gun .

    Also when you the firearms away from the drug dealers, away from any one breaking the law, away from the gangs an the crime bosses. Then call me but not before.

  60. It is not government’s role to assure that god has a place in our lives. If kids don’t have god in their lives, that’s the fault of their parents, not the local government’s, nor the schools’, and certainly not the fault of the federal government. Nothing in the Constitution gives government the authority to restrict the right to arms. Likewise nothing in the Constitution authorizes government to promote god to the children of the nation. That responsibility lies entirely with the family. If there are problems with families today, many of those problems can be laid at government’s feet. Why would you turn to the very entity that destroyed the family and expect it to promote god?

    1. The school is under control of the local community… the parents of the children being educated. The People through the constitution has not granted power to the govt to infringe on our religious liberties. [The constitution does not grant us our rights!] So it is up to the local communities to bring back God, prayer, and Patriotism, those things that have been removed and clearly have negatively affected the behavior of our youth.

  61. When judges allowed atheist to take prayers out of the schools it was the worst thing that could happen because school children were cut off from learning about compassion and kindness especially if their parents don’t attend church with them, the problem in schools today a lot of teachers and students think it is funny to bully, mock and embarrass a student who doesn’t fit in with other people, maybe the student is shy or is not good looking or has a handicap, these idiots go out of their way to harass the student and then they wonder why he or she snaps and comes after them with whatever they can get their hands on. it is the responsibility of a teacher who observes someone being bullied to put a stop to whether it is a teacher or student it is also a parents responsibility when told their child is being mistreated is go to the acting head of the school and demand answers as to why this has been allowed and demand a stop is immediately enforced, otherwise the school, the students and the teachers involved will be sued,

  62. Secularism and atheism are the roots of our problems. I was brought up as a Christian and knew there was a price to pay for what we do. The old golden rule of do unto others etc. is based on Christian principals. Our social demise is seen in the school and other shootings, gang activity, drug use and the liars and crooks in all levels of government. There is always an excuse for something evil happening in our society, but it is always blamed on something other than a lack of morals, evil doesn’t seem to exist as an explanation.

  63. One of the early,and primary goals in the takeover of a government or country by communism,is the eradication of religion.Communism cannot abide dedication to any belief other than itself.In my sixty-three years,I’ve seen God steadily removed from America in countless ways,and sadly,much of it has been removed from the family.Education starts at home,be it respect for God,nature,or other people.These shootings are a side effect of the communist takeover,and are part of its plan to create mayhem to the degree that people will relinquish their rights in order to “restore” order.
    Our Country is in trouble;let us hope God shines his Holy light to guide us down the correct path.

  64. I am so happy to hear that I am not the only one that feels that these school shootings and other mass shootings are one of the results of removing God and the bible and prayer from our schools and other public gatherings. I simply don’t understand why people are always claiming these tragedies are caused by the lack of gun control and no one seems to ever blame them on the evil, ungodly people who are pulling the triggers of the guns. I don’t even think that I have ever heard one of the survivors of the school shootings blame it on any of their fellow students when they are the ones doing it! Why is it OK to have bibles and prayer in prisons but not allow them in our schools? I also know that back when we said prayers and read the bible in school that I don’t remember ever hearing of any school shootings. It seems that more and more kids are being raised by their parents without being taught that murdering a fellow human being is wrong. I definitely believe that these shootings are caused by a total lack of godliness in our country and know that everyone that still believes in prayer to God needs to pray that God will save our land before there is nothing left to save! Lastly I want to remind everyone of something said years ago by a great American (Ronald Reagan): “If America ever forgets that we are one nation under God we will become a nation gone under!” I probably didn’t get the quote exactly right, but I think you can get the point of what he said and see that it seems to be coming true even now. Thanks for allowing my comment!

  65. When I was in school we had the pledge of allegiance and a prayer minute, which we did have some rules, the same people could not read more than once a week, if you didn’t want to take part they stood in the hall outside of the room, came back in after. I felt that this opened up you to how different religions view the worship of God, I’m not a very religious person but I did get a good idea as to how people worship God, it didn’t destroy my thoughts on religion and I think religion should be brought back into the schools, maybe it will be a start

  66. I am very impressed by the comments I have read. And I agree with pretty much all of the suggestions. The respect for the lord is paramount! It all starts with the family. It’s never too late for positive change. I’m looking forward to hearing more. thank you

  67. Poor parenting is the number one cause of problems, period. Parents are either ignoring their children’s behavior OR trying to be buddies instead of parents and it doesn’t help that the left has bastardized our legal system and stuck their noses into child rearing with idiocy and threatened parents with jail time for disciplining. Our smartest move would be to move them to the moon where they could ruin it for themselves.

  68. We don’t have a gun problem we have hearts without God, homes without discipline, schools without prayer, and courts without justice

    When the rule of law no longer matters, it’s time to gun up. Millions of Americans will look at what just happened and prepare for the worst now. They have had the blinders stripped off and now clearly see this is no longer the land of the free. And the fun has only begun with the House Republicans joining Democrats in pushing legislation that will completely gut the Bill of Rights, infringing upon the First, Second, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendments, according to Republican Rep. Justin Amash. Not only is corruption ignored and rewarded… not only is the rule of law dead… the Constitution is being destroyed once and for all by both sides. When corruption reigns, revolution follows.

    When it comes to listening to fools who haven’t a fart’s chance in a tornado, to think I care about whether or not I am in compliance with some non-constitutional administrative ruling will be the least of my concerns, instead of listening to fools and traitors I exercise ALL my God Given Constitutional rights not caring what some one dimensional regressive politically correct lieberal bureaucrat wants!!! Instead I will focus on center mass, maintaining fire discipline, and assessing immediate threat vectors!

    Let me make one thing perfectly clear, yes I am a Christian, and yes I carry a gun. One might think I carry a gun because I don’t trust God. Well you would be wrong. I have complete faith in my Lord; it’s an oppressive government that believes it has the right to dictate what I can and cannot have, can and cannot think or say, can and cannot eat or drink etc., I have no trust in! ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛABE.

    ”Gun control is like trying to reduce drunk driving by making it tougher for sober people to own cars.”

  69. “Dear GOD, why are you allowing violence in our schools? A Concerned Student”
    “Dear Concerned Student, I am not allowed in Schools. GOD”
    The 1st thing that needs to happen to stop these shootings is to allow prayer in our Schools.
    the 2nd thing is to utilize our Veterans to protect our students. The Veterans are trained and a lot of them need jobs, what better way to protect our kids. And finally, parents need to be parents. Stop leaving it up to the government to raise our children and stop trying to be their friend!!! Be a Parent!!!!

    1. Bingo!!!! Too many parents are depending on the government to be their babysitter. How are the kids going to learn discipline?

  70. You summed it up quite nicely. Without God, we will continue to spiral down hill in our society and in our values as people. God and His word have been the key to moral progress and as a society moves away so does the society decline. History has proved this over and over. Sighting one case, Nazi Germany (not Germany as a country but under Hitler); one would not believe this could happen in our world but it clearly did (note they as a people were not armed). This will only continue until we realize the real solution is found within our Creator and His plan for us (one part is to preserve life and not destroy it).

  71. I can remember it like yesterday and I am now 71 dad was drinking a cup of coffee ,mom was at the stove and they were discussing that lap dog of satan and how she was going to take prayer out of school. Dad said it will happen mom said no way they will ever do that. That is when our country came down with cancer and it is still a malignant cancer eating away at our very core values. SAd to say we may be terminal,just look at how these kids talk this skin head and David Hogg just to name a few. I was taught that profanity was a weak mind trying to express itself with force. It sure says a lot about their parents.[If my people that are called by my name will turn from their wicked ways and humble themselves and pray I will hear their prayers and heal their land] not an exact quote but close . And that is our only hope

  72. I have a vivid memory of years go when I went to school. No school shootings and as today, most people had a firearm.
    We respected the teacher and if we did wrong, we got reprimanded. We stood up for the National Anthem, no exception.
    We honored and gave allegiance to the American Flag and we as a Nation, prayed in school. God was the fore most in all activities and we prayed at all sports and school functions. All people worked and welfare was of a small percentage,
    very small in fact. Unwed mothers was a problem in it’s own that was kept to only those involved and did not get pro-moted as it is today. Our morale standards have declined to rock bottom and if any one cannot see that, then open your eyes. We were an intact country when we put God first and not just some thing that you dust off of a shelf.
    JD Moore

  73. I agree with this article ! I just want to say you can’t do the things we are doing in this country and not expect judgement. We’ve sinned against God greatly by abortion and many other atrocities. I think we kill like a 3000 babies a day or some outrageous statistic like that. That is abominable and rebellious against God. School shootings are a tragedy yet not many give thought to the unborn whom God also created. Thank God I trust him because of what he has done. I firmly believe we must take action with our own defense as it is the only one quick enough to make a difference. JDB

  74. Right on. To bad the so called minority ( which is now the majority) are to closed minded to understand or even believe it.

  75. I agree 100% that there is too little God and yes too few guns at school. When I was there we would often carry our rifles, not to shoot up the place, but to use later hunting. My USMC.Marine.Vet (I know, repetitive) group was addressing the issue a few weeks ago. One solution: more security and not arming teachers, remember, most of them are snowflakes. Another had what I thought was a rather unique approach “When we had child control, we didn’t need gun control. The shootings were real, but who was behind them? Or do you already know too? The crisis actors put on a good show. Why is it that David Hogg was at two of the shootings but attended either of the schools? Interesting? A quote from a girl who really goes to Parkland should clear it up. Joan Artist: Don’t Leave a show because of a STUPID, LIAR, OF A KID. HE NEVER WAS A STUDENT AT THIS SCHOOL. HE GRADUATED 2015 FROM CALIF… HE WANTS TO BE AN ACTOR, & THAT IS WHAT HE HAS BEEN DOING. THE DAY OF THE SUPPOSE SHOOTING HE WAS AT THE PARTY AFTERWORDS. HE IS WORKING FOR SOROS. HE IS NOTHING BUT A LYING, IDIOT, WHOM NEEDS TO BE PUT IN JAIL WITH HIS FRIENDS.

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